Round Champagne Diamond BR092C6B

Round Brilliant Cut Orangey Brown C6 Diamond

Champagne diamonds are naturally coloured diamonds that are produced in a wide range of colours from light straw to rich cognac.

Argyle Diamonds created the following scale specifically for champagne diamonds. The diamonds are graded on a C1-C7 colour scale. C1 and C2 represent light champagne, C3 and C4 medium champagne, and C5 and C6 dark champagne. The fancy cognac diamond is graded C7.

Round Champagne Diamond BR092C6B

  • Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
  • Carat Weight: 0.92 ct
  • Colour: C4 Champagne
  • Clarity: VS2
  • Certificate: Diamonds of Australia
  • Price :
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Categories: Argyle Origin Diamonds, colour, Coloured Diamonds, Diamonds

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