Argyle Collector Edition – New Stock

Its always exciting when new Argyle stock arrives. This is even more so when you know its something that may not be repeated. Just arrived last week, rare certified pink and blue Argyle diamond sets. These sets come in a sealed package and each one has a certificate from IGI. The certificate confirms colour, clarity and most importantly origin. We have been talking for some time about the closing of the Argyle Diamond Mine and in particular about the effect this will have on the value of pink diamonds. As Argyle say their pink diamonds are “Beyond Rare” and the demand is still as strong as ever. What we don’t hear about too often are the Argyle Blue Diamonds. These are also extremely rare diamonds and the demand is increasing as the awareness of them increases.

After a recent trip to Hong Kong when we were trying to replace some Blue Diamonds and discovered that they just dont exist out in the market place or if they do the prices are really high and increasing consistently.

So when the opportunity for these sets came up we could not turn them down. We currently have 10 sets available ranging in price from $4,500 to $21,500.

If you have an interest in rare coloured diamonds and would like to have a piece of the Argyle Mine prior to its projected closure in just over a years time, this is a great starting place. Of course there is no guarantee that the prices will continue to increase for the stunning pink and blue diamonds. Past performance doesn’t ensure future performance. But we have seen no sight of a slow down in the diamond for these rare diamonds.

For more information about specific Collectors Sets please email If you want to read more information about the Argyle Diamond Mine (owned by Rio Tinto) go to their page