Argyle Diamonds – Something for Every Budget

As most people are aware – the Argyle Diamond Mine located here in Western Australia is closing down at the end of this year. Luckily we still have a good supply of Certified Argyle Diamonds in stock, but they are selling well. Today we are looking at Argyle Diamonds at the lower end of the budget – up to $2,000

All diamonds listed below come with the following certificates:

  • White – GIA & RIO Tinto Certificate of Origin
  • Champagne – RIO Tinto Certificate of Origin
  • Pink – Argyle Certificate


With Pink Diamonds in particular, it is really important when buying a diamond over 0.08 cts that it comes with an Argyle Certificate to confirm origin. This is especially important if you ae buying as a collectible. Only diamonds 0.08 ct and above are certified, anything under this size is sold in a parcel and comes with a Parcel Lot Number.

We have compiled a small sample of our Argyle Diamonds – white, champagne, cognac and pink below:

0.11 ct Round Brilliant Cut NCP Near Colourless Pink $290

0.13 ct Round Brilliant Cut NCL Near Colourless $340

0.12 ct Round Brilliant Cut CP2 Champagne Pink $510

0.36 ct Round Brilliant Cut F Colour SI1 Clarity (White) $1,100

0.15 ct Round Brilliant Cut 9PP Purplish Pink $1,100

0.64 ct Round Brilliant Cut C4 Champagne $1,420

0.09 ct Oval Cut 8PP Purplish Pink (arriving soon) $1,500

0.71 ct Round Brilliant Cut C5 Champagne $1,720

0.08 ct Round Brilliant Cut 7P Pink  $1,990

This is just a sample of our most Affordable Argyle Diamonds. Let us know if you have a particular budget to work with and we can send you a selection of Australian Argyle Diamonds to choose from. Please get in touch with any further questions.