Argyle Pink Diamond Inscription & Certification

There is a slight change to the way Argyle are certifying their diamonds. Up until recently, Argyle only laser inscribe and certify pink diamonds which are 0.15 ct or larger. Anything smaller than this is sold as part of a parcel and allocated a Lot Number. But now Argyle are choosing a select number of diamonds under 0.15 ct to Laser Inscribe and Certify. This is good news for the diamond investor, as with the increasing prices of Argyle Pink Diamonds showing no signs to slowing down – this allows more opportunities to invest at different price points. We have managed to secure a couple of these certifies smaller diamonds:

0.09 ct 4P Pink Round Brilliant Cut

0.13 ct 4PP Pink Round Brilliant Cut

The Argyle Pink Diamond is so rare and with the closure of the mine on the cards in the next 5 years they are just going to become more so.  Demand for these diamonds is strong due to the appealing and unique colour and this therefore pushes up the prices. If you have dreamed of owing a pink diamond the time is now – delaying will only see further price increases.

For more information on these or any of our Pink Diamonds just shoot me a message or call on 1300 67 57 87