Argyle Pink Diamonds on a Budget?

When most people think of Argyle pink diamonds they think of big price tags – but is this always the case?

Pink Diamonds are expensive in comparison to there white counterparts – there is no doubt about it. When looking at pink diamonds you need to change your expectations when it comes to budget. Depending on what you are looking for, there are some nice Argyle Pink Diamonds available for a reasonable price.

We just received a new shipment of diamonds in the 0.08 – 0.14 cts range that are all individually certified by Argyle. The colours range from 5P, 5PP, 6P, 6PP, 7P and 7PP.

When looking at prices, the PP or Purplish Pink diamonds are always more expensive than the P or Pink diamonds.

With pink diamonds and determining prices or value it is usually a compromise. Because everybody has a budget and most of us have to stick pretty close to it you need to decide what the most important aspects are. For example a 0.08 ct Round 5PP diamond is the same price as a 0.14 ct Round 6PP diamond; and a 0.08 ct Round 6P diamond is the same price as a 0.11 ct Round 7PP diamond.

So in the cases above you can either go for the bigger diamond or the diamond with the more intense colour. With regard to investment potential – my opinion is that it doesn’t make too much difference with diamonds in the 0.08 – 0.14 ct range. The most important things to look out for is the Argyle Certification and then you should buy the diamond that most appeals to you within your budget.

We do get some fancy shapes in in this size but primarily we deal with Round Brilliant Cut as these are the most popular.

Following a few examples from our current stock of what you can get for different price points:


0.08 ct Round Brilliant Cut 7P – $2,140


0.09 ct Round Brilliant Cut 7PP – $3,020


0.08 ct Round Brilliant Cut 6PP $4,000

0.12 ct Round Brilliant Cut 7PP $4,125


0.10 ct Round Brilliant Cut 6PP $5,150

014 ct Round Brilliant Cut 7PP $5,100

The above shows you that although these diamonds are expensive and they are not going to become any less so any time soon, there are still some affordable entry points. The possibility of owning an Argyle Pink Diamond is achievable! For more information, or if you would like us to work with you on a particular budget, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.