Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2018

It is that time of year again when the Argyle Mine releases its Pink Diamonds Tender and this year is record breaking.The 2018 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has been released and this year it includes both the largest Vivid Pink Diamond ever in a Tender but also the largest Red Diamond. There are 63 diamonds in total including the following ‘Hero’ stones:

2.28 ct Oval Purplish Red

3.14 ct Emerald 3PP Purplish Pink

1.29 ct Square Radiant 2PP Purplish Pink

1.57 ct Princess BL3 Blue

2.08 ct Round Brilliant Cut 2P Pink

1.12 ct Radiant Red

Close up of six coloured diamonds

With the closure of the mine imminent and very much on the mind of these close to the industry we may only have 2 or three more Tenders left. The mine is not expected to remain open past 2021. The impending mine closure and the fact that Rio Tinto has until now struggled to find a new seam, have seen prices jump in double-digit percentages every year for the past few years.

We are noticing here in Perth that demand has not slowed for these rare diamonds but the supply is becoming more elusive, particularly for Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds sized 0.25 ct and larger in the higher colours including 4P or better.

These diamonds are so often referred to as rare or sometimes even beyond rare but the reality is that they are finite.

For any questions about this years Tender or Argyle Diamonds in general please send enquires to or call  1300 67 57 87.