Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2017

Rio have released the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender and it is a Red Diamonds that has people talking.

The largest Fancy Red Diamond in the tenders 33 year history was released in New York as the Hero Stone for this years Tender. Known as the Argyle Everglow, the polished radiant cut diamond weighs 2.11 carats. To give you an idea of how rare this diamonds is, since 1984 the mine has sold fewer the 20 cts of certified ‘Fancy Red’ diamonds. The diamond is expected to fetch bids well into the millions. According to Josephine Johnson, Argyle Pink Diamonds Manager,  it represents “rarity within rarity, and will drive global demand from collectors and connoisseurs in search of the incomparable.”

There are four other Hero Stones in the Pink Diamonds Tender that have been named the custodians of beauty are:
The Argyle Isla, a 1.14-carat fancy red radiant;
The Argyle Avaline, a 2.42-carat fancy purple-pink cushion;
The Argyle Kalina, a 1.50-carat fancy deep pink oval; and
The Argyle Liberté, a 0.91-carat fancy deep gray-violet radiant-cut diamond

The collection will travel to Hong Kong, then back to New York and end up in Australia where they originated. The bids for Tender close on 11 October.

The Argyle Diamond Mine produces 90% of the world’s rare pink diamonds and is set to close by 2021, according to Robyn Ellison, communications manager for Rio Tinto.
“It is unlikely that a diamond as rare as this will come out of the mine again,” Ellison said. At Rio Tinto’s annual tender this year, buyers will have a choice of 58 diamonds weighing a total of 49.39 carats.

At Hope Diamonds we specialise in Fancy Coloured Diamonds and in particular Argyle Pink Diamonds. These amazing gems are so popular at the moment both for jewellery as well as for an investment point of view. I think the best outcome is when you have an existing appreciation or interest in diamonds and then you use this interest to make a potential investment – similar to those investing in fine art. The prices of these rare diamonds are still rising with no let up in demand. It will be interesting to see how the market goes once the mine gets closer to the 2021 closure date.