Argyle White Diamonds – secure your piece of history

When people think of the Argyle Mine in Western Australia, pink diamonds usually spring to mind. Did you know the mine also produces white diamonds?

In November 2020, the Argyle diamond mine, located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, closed down its operation. At its peak, Argyle churned out 40% of the world’s diamond output, which made it the biggest producer by volume. While most people have heard of the rarer than rare and highly sought after pink diamonds, not so many know about the white diamonds.

The breakdown of the diamonds mined by colour is as follows:

80% of Argyle diamonds are brown (Champagne and Cognac) , followed by 16% yellow, 2% white, 2% grey, and less than 1% pink and green. Despite the low production volume of pink and red diamonds, the Argyle mine is the only reliable source in the world, producing 90 to 95% of all pink and red diamonds.

Although Argyle does not Certify its white diamonds directly, the chain of custody is still followed and RIO (who owns the Argyle Mine) provides a certificate confirming the Argyle Origin of these diamonds.

At Hope Diamonds we only buy Argyle White Diamonds with the Australian Diamonds Origin Report as well as the GIA Report. Having the combination of these two reports provides provides peace of mind for the buyer.

The supply of the white diamonds is slowing as the final mined diamonds make their way through production and polishing. We do have a nice range at the moment but once they are gone they will be difficult to replace.

We have a good range in stock at the moment ranging from 0.30 ct up to 1.30 ct in Round Brilliant Cut and varying Colour and Clarity. To search through our range please click the link Argyle White Diamonds .

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