Arriving Soon – New Coloured Diamond

We had a great time in Hong Kong and made some really beautiful purchases. It is really clear in the 7 years that I have been heading to Hong Kong that the demand for and interest in coloured diamonds is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. Argyle Pink Diamonds are still the number one mover but yellow diamonds are increasing in popularity and there is price pressure on these diamonds too. The first time I was in Hong Kong for the Diamond Fair, the main Diamond Pavilion comprised 90% white diamonds with a few people selling Coloured Diamonds. Now it has almost swung in favour of Coloured Diamonds.

The highlights of our trip include purchasing a 0.23 ct  Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Blue Diamond, a matching pair 2 = 0.55ct Round Brilliant Cut 5P Pink Argyle Diamonds and a stunning 0.27 ct Vivid Yellow Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. For those that follow me on Social Media you will have seen some of the other stunning rings and other jewellery we got to play with while we were there. I really love my job!

It is always great to get the opportunity to talk to other passionate diamond people about our  industry and the challenges and opportunities we face.

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