Bespoke Engagement Rings – why its better to have a piece made than buy off the shelf

At Hope Diamonds, nearly all of the rings we make are bespoke engagement rings, which is a fancy way for saying – made to order. There are many reasons why we do this and how this translates into a positive experience for our clients.  We have a small selection of  engagement ring styles in store and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a client say – “I like this ring but with only four claws instead of six”. Or “this is perfect but I would like it in Rose Gold instead of White Gold”. Of course we always want to be sure the client is 100% happy with their purchase, so for this reason that we have decided to run our business a little differently than the average high street jewellery store. Instead of holding lots of expensive ring styles for long periods we elect to hold a small range of samples and a larger range of loose diamonds.

Most clients these days have access to Pinterest or just the Internet and see many designs that they like. More often than not a client will come in with a picture of the ring they like and we can then work with them to get it exactly right.

By doing this we save money. We don’t have to invest in jewellery that may or may not sell. We also don’t then feel like we have to sell our jewellery – so our clients never feel as though they are being talked into a piece because we need to move it on. As we can pretty much make any design, we really listen to exactly what our clients want instead of convincing them that they want what we have already made up.

Our clients can personalise their rings and basically do anything they want – add an extra diamond into the setting, go for a bigger/smaller centre diamond. This also means that we can work to specific budgets and or diamond qualities.

Bespoke jewellery sounds like it should be more expensive but really it is quite often more affordable than buying off the shelf – and you get EXACTLY what you wanted. Basically it is a win/win.

If you would like us to quote on a bespoke engagement ring all we need is for you to send a picture of what you are after to and some specifics around centre diamond size or a budget and what metal you are thinking and we will get back to you within 24 hours with an estimate.