Bespoke Service

Although Hope Diamonds have a very extensive selection of engagement rings to choose from we recognise that there are times when you require a piece that is highly personalised. This is where our very popular bespoke service comes in to play.

Step one – select your diamond. We have a huge range of both white and coloured diamonds to choose from that can be viewed either in our Perth or Sydney showrooms.

Step two – design phase. We encourage you to bring us your ideas on design and we will work with you to create a picture to bring your ideas to life.

Step three – create your piece. Once we have a picture of what your piece will look like, we begin crafting your unique and very personal piece.

This process from start to finish will usually take between 3 – 5 weeks.

We take great pride in every piece we make and we are also very aware of the trust you placing in us to create these cherished pieces of jewellery.