The Black Diamond – things you need to know

There are two types of Black Diamond, a Natural Black Diamond and a Treated Black diamond:

  • A natural black diamond is quite rare and naturally very expensive. Most black diamonds occur as irregular black masses called carbonados. (Portuguese for black).Most black diamonds in the market today are treated. Treatment of gemstones is a process that dates back to several centuries. In fact, were it not for these, we wouldn’t know our gemstones as we do. An untreated tanzanite looks nowhere near the form it is used in jewellery as.
  • Black diamonds are treated to achieve that uniformity of black colour. This is the norm of the industry, so long as you are not buying a black diamond believing it to be a natural black diamond. Those command astonishingly high prices.

black diamonds

The treatment process doesn’t affect durability, but because black diamonds are heavily included and porous, they’re harder to cut and polish. This can result in blemishes and nicks in the surface. When buying black diamonds make sure the surface of them is smooth and polished.

The price of black diamonds is lower than white diamonds, mainly because they’re lower quality white diamonds that have been treated to turn black. When speaking about lower quality we are referring to the clarity and colour grading. Both of these would be low for a white diamond but when the diamond is treated these inclusions are no longer noticeable. Black diamonds are also quite a heavy cut which means that face up they look smaller than a white diamond would for the same carat weight.

We love black diamonds and do use them in our jewellery – all of the diamonds listed on our website are treated black diamonds. If you would like any more information do not hesitate to get in touch with us 1300 67 57 87