Diamonds Are Everyone’s Best Friend

Diamond engagement ring on a bride’s hand while she is holding her flowers. 

Diamonds are traditionally gifted to romantic partners, either as part of an engagement proposal or as a special gift. Diamonds are luxurious and represent both love and respect from the one giving the diamond. This isn’t just limited to romantic partners either. There’s nothing stopping you from gifting loose diamonds or diamond jewellery to a close friend or family member.

Diamonds and diamond jewellery aren’t something you usually buy for yourself. Instead, it’s a wearable gift that has a special sentimental value. Perhaps it is because diamond jewellery represents monumental periods in people’s lives such as engagements, weddings, births and graduations.

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Argyle Diamonds – Something for Every Budget

As most people are aware – the Argyle Diamond Mine located here in Western Australia is closing down at the end of this year. Luckily we still have a good supply of Certified Argyle Diamonds in stock, but they are selling well. Today we are looking at Argyle Diamonds at the lower end of the budget – up to $2,000

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Colour Your World a Coloured Diamond Ring

Luxury Pink Diamond Ring In Jewelry Box Vintage Style

Coloured diamonds are a popular way to create a unique, statement engagement piece. Colour in diamonds is caused by impurities or defects, whereas colourless or white diamonds are ‘pure’. Colour causing impurities include nitrogen/boron elements or crystal lattice defects during formation. Some colours are more valuable than others based on rarity. Below we go through some of the different colours and their value.

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Engagement Ring Designs Around The Globe

Traditional Chinese Engagement ring in a red box, surrounded by women in traditional wear. 

The tradition of giving your partner a fancy engagement ring with a sparkling diamond when you propose to them was once only common in the UK and USA. Of course, it’s now been common practice for decades in Australia as well as a variety of different cultures all around the world. In many cases, you see different parts of the world adopting their own individual style and preferences.

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How to Choose the Right Diamond For Your Ring

Close up shot of woman's hand with gorgeous expensive diamond engagement ring.

Diamonds come in an extraordinary range of varieties when it comes to using them as a setting for a ring. You can select a diamond based on budget, colour, quality, carat and shape. At many jewellery stores, you can find a ring with a diamond that suits your preferences or opt to have a piece tailor made to suit your exact specifications.

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