Champagne Diamonds – an affordable alternative

Do you love diamonds but do not love the price tag that comes with them? Maybe Champagne Diamonds are a good alternative for you.

The classic white diamond is still the most sought after and popular diamond. The round brilliant cut still reigning as the most popular shape. But what do you do if you would like a 1ct diamond for an engagement ring but the budget just wont stretch? Perhaps you could consider a champagne diamond.

With improved cutting technology we are seeing some amazingly bright Champagne Diamonds come through our store. The good news is  are a fraction of the cost of their white counterparts. To give you an idea, to make a ring with a nice quality G Colour SI1 Clarity white centre in white gold you would be looking at roughly between $9,000 – $10,000 depending on the design. For the same size diamond in a Champagne colour you would be looking at less than half of that.

Bespoke engagement ring - champagne diamond ringThis ring above features a 1.06 ct Radiant Cut Champagne Diamond set in Rose Gold with a white gold diamond set band. The price is only $4,500.00. The design is simple and classic and will not date over time. It also represents really good value and is something quite unique.

There are many shades of Champagne ranging form very light (C1) all the way through to a deep cognac colour (C7). We are finding the most popular colours at the moment are the C2/C3 soft champagne colours. These colours look good set in any colour gold – white, yellow or rose. Custom Engagement Ring - Rose Gold Round Diamond This ring above features a softer coloured (C3) centre diamond weighing 1.11 ct. The ring set in rose gold and white gold including all of the diamonds is only $7,850.00 and makes quite an impression.

The other great thing about Champagne Diamonds is they are Australian Origin. Almost all of our stock of Champagne Diamonds are from the Argyle Mine in the Kimberly Region of WA. They all come with a Diamonds of Australia Certificate to confirm the origin.

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