Collectable Diamonds

What are Collectable Diamonds?

We consider a collectable diamond to be one that is sought after for its rarity and unique features. This may be a diamond with a large carat weight or one that scores on the top end of the 4 C’s, such as a D Colour, Internally Flawless, Excellent Cut Diamond. However at Hope Diamonds we have chosen to specialise in Collectable coloured diamonds.

Why Choose Coloured Diamonds?

A great reason is simply because you like them. Some people love fine Art and others prefer gemstones – it is helpful if you are keen to learn a bit about the diamonds and how rare and unique they are and also just be able to appreciate the beauty that nature has produced.

There are also practical reasons to choose coloured diamonds such as the remarkable stability of the coloured diamond marketplace. Facts show that coloured diamonds have not gone down in value at the dealer level for more than 40 years. Prices have doubled on average every 5-7 years. They have weathered the financial storm of 3 major recessionary periods including the current crisis, and investors have seen increases in value of 180%-300% between 2001 and 2011.

How do you determine the Value of Coloured Diamonds?

The value of coloured diamonds are based on rarity of colour; followed by colour intensity. The more intense the colour, the more valuable the natural coloured diamond is. It is often difficult to set a price for a Rare Coloured Diamond and it often will come down to what another collector is willing to pay.

Why Choose Hope Diamonds?

We are a small family business with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Coloured Diamonds. We have a great network of suppliers as well as an extensive network to sell these diamonds. Because we deal with these diamonds every day we have a good feel for the trends and also keep up to date with information on the mines and mine closures as well as auction results around the world. We are excited about Coloured Diamonds and we also have a great range that can be viewed within Australia at either our Perth or Sydney showrooms.

If you have any more questions regarding coloured diamonds please call or make an appointment to come in and see us.