Colour Diamond Trends – Champagne Diamonds

There are always new trends emerging in coloured diamonds and one that has been around for a little while now, and looks like sticking around is Champagne Diamonds.

Champagne Diamonds have been popular for a number of years now. One thing that has changed is the popularity of the different shades in colour. Go back 10 years and the darkest, almost black C6/C7 were the most sought after colour. Loved for the hint and flash of colour, if you were lucky, you could find one with a hint of red.

These days however it is the other end of the colour spectrum that has the most interest. We are finding Champagne Diamonds on the C1 – C3 colour scale the most sought after. In the highest demand, are well cut C2 Colour. Loved for just the hint of warm colour and often set in Rose Gold to bring out that subtle hue.

The other trend that has been noted is the Fancy Shapes in Champagne Diamonds. Again – the lighter colours are proving to be the most popular. The shapes that we find it hardest to get and keep in stock are the Ovals, Pears and Cushion Cuts.

Champagne Diamonds are proving a popular choice for the centre diamond in engagement rings. The lighter soft tones of the Champagne Diamonds fits perfectly in with the halo style ring. The Champagne colour surrounded by a halo of white diamonds provides a lovely subtle contrast.

The Champagne Diamond is definitely a great way to make a point of difference in an Engagement Ring. The other great benefit is the price. Champagne Diamonds are nearly always more affordable compared to similar sized white diamonds.

Almost all of our Champagne Diamonds originate from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia and come with a Diamonds of Australia Certificate to confirm origin. Be sure to have a look through the site at our range and if you don’t see what you are looking for just call or email as we have new stock arriving regularly.