Coloured Diamonds 

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Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are a fantastic way to find a stone that expresses your unique personality or reflects your special relationship for an engagement ring or any other jewellery offered to a loved one as a gift. At Hope Diamonds, we supply a range of naturally coloured diamonds sourced ethically in locations from Western Australia to West Africa.

How are Coloured Diamonds Formed?

Coloured diamonds are found in only 1 of every 10,000 white diamonds mined and range from the more affordable champagne colours to the extremely rare and valuable pinks and blues. A diamond’s final colour depends on its geographical location and natural processes happening around it that affect the hue, saturation, and vividness. Coloured diamonds can also be artificially created in a laboratory, but these lack the brilliance of natural coloured diamonds.

Most of the world’s supply of coloured diamonds comes from the Argyle mine in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, close to our headquarters. All natural coloured diamonds obtain their colour due to an element’s presence in the crystal structure, which impacts the way light is absorbed. This is identified as nitrogen in champagne, yellow and orange colours and boron in blue. The element is still unknown in pinks. Radiation and pressure intensify a diamond’s colour.

Our Range of Coloured Diamonds

At Hope Diamonds, we offer diamonds of nearly every colour to help you find your perfect match. Our collection includes:

  • Red Diamonds
  • Orange Diamonds
  • Yellow Diamonds
  • Green Diamonds
  • Blue Diamonds
  • Pink Diamonds
  • Black Diamonds


In terms of qualities like hardness and refraction of light, coloured diamonds are on par with white diamonds and are a fine choice for their longevity and a suitable gem for everyday wear.

Which Coloured Diamonds are the Rarest?

Champagne diamonds are the most common and least expensive coloured diamonds. Yellow diamonds are the next most common and the stronger and more intense the colour, the more valuable the stone.

Rarer and more expensive coloured diamonds are blue, green, pink and red diamonds. The more intense the colour, the more valuable they are. Pink diamonds are amongst the most highly regarded, with the vast majority coming from Western Australia’s Argyle mine. Blue diamonds are graded within the spectrum of blue/violet, and red diamonds are the rarest of all.

For the latest information on coloured diamonds, speak to Australia’s professionals at Hope Diamonds on 1300 67 57 87.