Diamond wedding bands – are they all the same?

A diamond set wedding band is probably the most popular type of wedding band in 2018 for most women. But are all diamond set wedding bands the same?  Not even close!I have compiled a list of the most traditional types of settings for diamond set wedding bands. This is not an exhaustive list but these are the most common ways to set diamonds in your wedding band:

Channel Set – this is pretty simple and almost self explanatory – it is where two parallel lines of precious metal encase a row of diamonds. It is very common for princess cut (square) diamonds to be channel set but round brilliant cut diamonds can also be channel set too

Bead set –  is a used for small diamonds where a row of diamonds is being set. They are drilled and held onto the surface of the ring by small beads of metal. A chisel-like tool known as a ‘graver’ is used to push metal onto the ‘corners’ of the stone to secure it in place. Bead setting is a traditional way of setting smaller diamonds to achieve a softer, antique look. Very popular look for diamond wedding bands

Tension set – This is  a unique and contemporary style of diamond setting in which a diamond is squeezed between two bars of metal that have been cut. This creates tension around the diamond and keeps it firmly gripped. Diamonds are ideal for this kind of setting, as their strength with withstand the impact and pressure created by the metal.

Rubbed in or Rub set – There are few names for this setting including gypsy and flush settings. This is a setting where the diamond sits flush with the band and the precious metal is rubbed over the edge to hold the diamond in place.

Then we have some new diamond set bands emerging that are a little more unique. They have become very popular options to stack with an engagement ring and an eternity ring (or two!) The can feature detailing in the band such as milgrain or just extra beading – some examples are shown in the stack below. Just remember we can make almost anything and if you have an idea we would love to sit down with you to make something really unique – limited only by your imagination!

Whatever you chosen style – we would love the chance to assist with your diamond wedding band or eternity ring. Give us a call or send an email to make an appointment.