Engagement Ring Designs Around The Globe

The tradition of giving your partner a fancy engagement ring with a sparkling diamond when you propose to them was once only common in the UK and USA. Of course, it’s now been common practice for decades in Australia as well as a variety of different cultures all around the world. In many cases, you see different parts of the world adopting their own individual style and preferences.


In the United States, brides tend to prefer carat size over the fire, brilliance and overall quality of the diamond. Engagement rings are an important status symbol for many Americans, especially in big cities. This means that the flashier the ring, the better. Afterall, this was the country that invented the adage that you should spend three months’ salary on an engagement ring.

Diamond engagement rings in the US are often over 1 carat in size, minimum. The most popular cuts are large round or princess, but emerald, marquise and cushion cuts are gaining traction.


Engagement rings in Australia are smaller and more low-key than you’ll find in America. We appreciate subtlety and style over big statement pieces. Halo settings are particularly popular, and many Australians opt for a small, round, brilliant solitaire with a dainty halo. Pavé bands are also gaining popularity, but the overall design remains relatively simple. Australians are a practical and relaxed population, which is reflected in our jewellery preferences. Most of us want a style we can wear wherever we go without hassle.

Traditional Chinese Engagement ring in a red box, surrounded by women in traditional wear. 


For the last few decades, the custom of a diamond engagement ring did not exist at all in China. Married couples would instead wear a gold band on one hand to symbolise their union. However, this trend is changing as the middle class in China grows and diamond companies are introducing diamond engagement rings into the Asian market.

Wealthier Chinese couples are choosing platinum engagement rings with plenty of sparkling diamonds. Ornate but modern styles with twisted bands, pavé halos and mixed metals are a preference among the general population.


Indian couples traditionally don’t care for diamonds. Instead, it’s all about magnificent gold jewellery. On their wedding day, Indian brides are adorned head to toe with gold jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. It’s thought that the more gold the bride wears, the happier the couple will be. Diamond engagement rings are becoming more popular, but for most couples it’s more of a fun, romantic gift.

The UK

The UK enjoys similar if more subdued styles to the USA, with many people opting for similar styles to the Royal Family. Vintage engagement rings are very popular, though most Britons choose smaller carat sizes with elegant designs. The classic diamond solitaire with a prong setting is always a popular choice.

Bespoke Engagement Rings by Hope Diamonds

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