Engagement Ring Trends 2015

What are the top engagement ring trends for this year so far? With 2015 over half way through, we have noticed some old trends continuing in popularity and some new trends emerging.

1. Halo design – the halo is here to stay. There may be some new variations on the simple Halo design but it is still very popular. The beauty with the Halo is it allows couple to select a centre stone within their budget but still offers the extra sparkle and size that the small diamonds add.


2. Vintage Look – We are getting quite a few enquiries for a diamond with vintage look and feel. Often the shape helps with this look and Cushion and Asscher feature quite strongly along with the milgrain detail around the edges.

JM 89580

3. Colour – We are noticing more enquiries for a point of difference and this can often come down to adding some colour. Placing just a hint or sometimes a main feature of colour turns your engagement ring into a statement piece.


4. Rose Gold – this trend we have noticed links in with both the vintage feel and the colour trend. We are finding the rose gold is making a real charge at the traditional white gold and platinum. It may be in part due to the warmth of the tone of the rose gold which creates a vintage and romantic feeling. Whatever the reason – I love it!


5. Personal touch – this is what we are seeing with regularity. Clients choosing to have there ring made to order and to include small unique touches such as a hidden diamond in the band or a small detail under the setting. Mass produced rings are no longer sought after, one off personal designs are definitely a major trend in 2015.