Enjoy Timeless Designs with Diamond Wedding Bands

Your wedding is one of the most romantic, expressive and special days of your life. The wedding bands worn by you and your partner embody and represent the meaning of this day. It’s unsurprising that newlyweds want to get the design just right. From choosing the right metal to the designs and patterns featuring on the ring, there are many ways to personalise your wedding band.

You should also consider adding diamonds to them as a timeless and extra special feature. Below we look at some wedding band design ideas that incorporate diamonds.

Vintage Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band

Rose gold is an ideal setting choice for vintage-inspired diamond wedding bands. Whether you favour Edwardian or Victorian style jewellery, rose gold is a great option for capturing each period while retaining a modern elegance. Incorporate vines or leaves into the design and scatter diamonds along the leaves.

For an Edwardian look, opt for floral or milgrain details with small diamonds integrated throughout. Use raised milgrain borders to accentuate diamonds within the band. Art deco details might also be included to add a modern look, including diamonds that feature step facets like asscher, baguette or emerald diamonds. Choose crisp lines and sculptural shapes.

Hands of bride and groom with diamond and gold wedding bands.

Streamlined Diamond Wedding Bands

Sleek and understated diamond wedding bands often include infinity bands or a row of channel set diamonds. Your style dictates the carat size you choose for diamonds. Infinity diamond wedding bands set in gold or rose gold look beautiful with a seamless line of larger diamonds. You can even add more carat weight to a large engagement solitaire. But smaller or more diminutive stones add an understated spark against any engagement ring.

While white diamonds are the standard choice, a seamless row of coloured diamonds adds a sophisticated touch. For example, you could add a central row of black diamonds within a gold band to draw the eye to the wedding set. Next to an engagement ring, a black diamond wedding band creates a contemporary contrast. Of course, you can alternate coloured and white diamonds for a uniquely patterned wedding band.

Solitaire Wedding Bands

While a channel or pave set row of diamonds offers a beautiful design, a single diamond set within a wedding band complements a solitaire engagement ring. A solitaire diamond wedding band can also be worn by itself for a simple, yet elegant look. This works well with either a small stone or a larger one. However, when selecting a larger carat diamond, opt to set the stone within a band bezel style so that the diamond isn’t in competition with an engagement ring.

Bespoke Rings by Hope Diamonds

At Hope Diamonds, our experienced custom jewellers can create a diverse range of pieces. This includes unique and gorgeous diamond wedding bands for your special day. Explore our range or to discuss a bespoke piece, get a quote or for any other information, call us today on 1300 67 57 87 or contact us online.