Fluorescence in White Diamonds

I often get asked about my opinion regarding the effect of fluorescence in white diamonds. I thought I would share with you a link from GIA discussing fluorescence and the effect it can have on a diamond. Personally I do believe if you are looking at a lower colour diamond such as a H – J and the diamond exhibits medium to strong fluorescence it can actually make the diamond appear more white than a diamond without fluorescence.

Understanding Diamond Fluorescence

Argyle White Diamonds often exhibit fluorescence (as do the pink diamonds form Argyle) so we are very used to dealing with fluorescent diamonds. One question I would always confirm when dealing with a diamond exhibiting fluorescence is regarding the lustre.  If the diamond has an excellent lustre then I would feel comfortable buying it. Lustre is not a category listed on the GIA Certificate and this is one reason why it is good to see the diamond before you purchase or if that is not possible, why it is important to buy through a trusted diamond merchant rather than directly buying online yourself.

Another point worth noting because fluorescence in white diamonds is so misunderstood you can often buy a diamond with medium fluorescence for a better price than one with nil fluorescence with no difference to the look of the diamond.

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