Give an Old Ring New Life

Bringing new life to a piece of jewellery is easier than you might expect. You may have a ring leftover from a previous relationship. Or you might have an heirloom piece that is beautiful but a little bit old and tired or doesn’t suit your style. In these cases, there’s no need to let them sit in the jewellery box collecting dust. You can revamp them into something new with the help of an expert jeweller. Here are some ways to do that.

Add Some Sparkle

Nothing gives an old ring new life like a brand-new gemstone or several gemstones. There are countless options to choose from based on your personal style, preferences and budget. opt for a large diamond setting for a bold look or add two side diamonds to a solitaire setting. You can also have a cluster or row of smaller diamonds.

Update the Style

When you’re lucky enough to receive jewellery passed down from a family member, it’s often easier to let it sit in the back of your jewellery box than admit it isn’t your style. By redesigning a piece of heirloom jewellery, you can use aspects of it like the stones but redesigning the piece into something more suited to your style. You can also combine two or more pieces into one.

Man repairing a ring by fixing loose stone.

Updating a Family Engagement Ring

Making over heirloom jewellery can be incredibly sentimental. This includes using past family engagement rings to turn into a new engagement ring. Using family jewellery is a way to keep your loved ones close even after they may have passed on. Sometimes family members pass down heirloom engagement rings when you’re ready to propose.

If you were given an heirloom engagement ring from a family member that isn’t your style, repurposing it maintains the respect, sentimentality, and meaning of the gift while also adding your own individual story to the family tradition (just make sure you let them know first).

Add New Colour

Adding coloured diamonds is another way to make an old piece of jewellery more unique and one you’ll want to wear again. You can choose a stone for its rich bold color or for the belief of what it will bring to the wearer. Rare and elusive red diamonds for example can represent love and passion. Want something extra special? Why not choose an Argyle pink diamond. There are so many options to choose from; you’re sure to find the perfect one to bring new meaning to your old ring.

Bespoke Rings by Hope Diamonds

At Hope Diamonds, our experienced custom jewellers can create a diverse range of pieces. This includes creating a fabulous new ring out of an older one. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you determine the ideal design for your engagement ring and create it, ensuring you’re involved in each step of the process.

Explore our range or to discuss a bespoke piece, get a quote or for any other information, call us today on 1300 67 57 87 or contact us online.