Latest Engagement Ring Trends 2017

Kicking off a new year we are seeing plenty of engagement rings and some subtle changes in the designs.

Unlike something as throw away as a nail polish the swings in trends aren’t nearly as dramatic for engagement rings. With such a large investment and a want for something to last the test of time most people are reasonably conservative when it comes to the engagement rings but each year some subtle changes are noted. These are our predictions for 2017:

  1. Stacking – this trend involves more than just the wedding band but also includes the wedding band as well. It often involves a s simple engagement ring set with a diamond set band and then a ‘stack’ of other bands to go with it – usually not matching but having something in common.

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2. Intertwined or twisted bands: This is a style that has been around for a little while but I have seen it gain some momentum in the last few months of 2016. It can be a subtle twist or an intertwining band. It sometimes incorporate the infinity idea which has special meaning for some people – I just like the way it looks!

3. Light Champagne Diamonds: As coloured diamond specialists we get a lot of enquiries for lighter coloured champagne diamonds to be set as centre stones. The beauty of this is that you can get so much more bang for your buck with a large Champagne Diamond as opposed to a large White Diamond. We are usually seeing these lighter champagne diamond set in either rose or white gold.

4. Cushion shaped halo on a round diamond. This is fairly self explanatory – when you have a round diamond as your centre stone but you create the look of a cushion with the halo. It creaes a soft look that is quite dreamy I think


5. Metals – finally I have noticed a trend that I believe will continue into this year and that is away from white gold and towards platinum. Platinum is considered a superior metal and the biggest benefit is the lack of upkeep. No need to rhodium plate a platinum ring as is required with white gold. The other trend is towards Rose gold. This is nothing new and has been building for a while but it shows no sign of slowing into 2017.

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Trends come and go but with Engagement  Ring Trends they seem to stick around for a while and the evolve over time into the next  style. Looking forward to seeing what will be next and cant wait for all the custom  rings we will make this year. Be sure to check my Instagram as we often post new bespoke rings as we make them