Matching Pink Diamonds

If you know anything about pink diamonds, one thing you will surely know is that they are very rare. So to find two that match perfectly in size, cut, shape and colour – is very special.

We have been working for a while to build up our collection of Matching Pink Diamonds. When choosing our matching diamonds, we are very careful  to ensure that they are a good match with regards to size (mm spread), colour intensity and shade as well as the cut of the diamond. We have also been focusing on the size range of 0.08 ct – 0.14 ct per piece so that they each diamond will have its own Argyle Certificate.

Currently we have the following pairs of Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Pink Diamonds in stock:

2 = 0.18 ct 5PP Purplish Pink (2 sets) (pictured below)

2 = 0.16 ct 6P Pink

2 = 0.16 ct 6PP Purplish Pink

2 = 0.18 ct 6P Pink (pictures above)

2 = 0.16 ct 7PP Purplish Pink (2 sets)

2  = 0.28 ct 7PP Purplish Pink

These matching sets of pink diamonds are perfect for using in jewellery for earrings or as side stones for a three stone ring. The size also lends itself for an 5 diamond eternity style ring with alternating white and pink diamonds.

As well as these matching pairs we also have a good selection of smaller sets of matching pink diamonds which come with an Argyle Lot number. We have a good selection of colours and sizes available to choose from.

Matching pink diamonds have never been easy to source but with the Argyle Mine set to close at the end of this year – it is only going to get harder. For prices or availability on any of the above contact us today on