Natural Red Argyle Diamond

Most people who are interested in diamonds have heard of the Argyle Diamond Mine and the stunning signature pink and purplish pink diamonds that are so unique to this area. But not too many people know about Red Diamonds. The Argyle mine also produces some of the rarest diamonds on earth – Red Diamonds. While pink and yellow diamonds may sell to consumers, collectors or investors, red diamonds are almost exclusively sold to collectors. It is for this reason that it is difficult to know how many Red Diamonds there are out there as they are not regularly traded. The increase in value over the past couple of decades and has been strong and consistent and shows no sign of slowing.

We are lucky to have a Purplish Red Diamond in our Perth showroom at the moment. This diamond has interesting story behind it too. The diamond originally came from the Argyle Mine and was 0.29ct and given a colour grade of 1PP Purplish Pink. The diamond was then purchased by an expert cutter who could see that if he recut the diamond he may be able to improve the colour. So the diamond was recut and it now weighs 0.26 ct and after being regarded by GIA it has now been given the Colour Grade Fancy Purplish Red. This regrading has significantly increased the value of the diamond and makes it our best option as an investment diamond.

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