Think of investing in Pink Diamonds?

Have you ever thought about investing in Pink Diamonds? We get quite a few enquiries about this and this lead to our holding our first ever Pink Diamond Information Evening last week. We have since put togther a list of Frequesntly Asked Questions that would be really useful.

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Do you know a quality diamond when you see one?

Learn more about the four C’s when it comes to assessing a diamond’s quality.

One of the most luxurious precious stones on the planet and admired worldwide, the diamond has become a symbol of love, appreciation and in some cases, wealth. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a tennis bracelet or a pair of sparkling earrings, there is no denying the allure of a diamond. If you’re making a decision about purchasing a diamond for your loved one, remember it’s symbolism behind it and the kindness behind the gesture that counts. A common misapprehension when it comes to a diamond is that the size determines the quality and price. While it is a factor, it is the combination of the ‘four c’s’ that make up the overall quality of a diamond. Continue reading “Do you know a quality diamond when you see one?”