Off to Hong Kong to buy diamonds!

Next week I will be away on a trip to Hong Kong to buy diamonds – it will be a great opportunity to look for some bargains as well as search for the more unusual diamond orders that we get. I love the opportunity to travel and buy diamonds as to we get compare prices and colours and really be sure we are getting the best option available for our clients. With the US$ dropping against our Australian Dollar we really need to be sure we are getting good value for our clients and that we are buying the right stock at the best possible price. The other benefit of going to Hong Kong is to catch up with our many suppliers and get a feel for shifts within the industry and new trends emerging.

Finally of course it just fantastic to have the opportunity to view some of the rarest and most amazing diamonds in the world all at the one place. I will be sure to keep you posted on what I find with pictures and updates on Facebook and Instagram.

If anyone has a special order or a challenge for me to find a particular colour, size, or shape diamonds please shoot me a message on I am also happy to source a simple white diamond for a potential engagement ring – it is a great chance to se what is available and find the best deal.