Think of investing in Pink Diamonds?

Have you ever thought about investing in Pink Diamonds? We get quite a few enquiries about this and this lead to our holding our first ever Pink Diamond Information Evening last week. We have since put togther a list of Frequesntly Asked Questions that would be really useful.

What makes a good investment diamond?

Above all else, the value of a pink diamond is due to its unique colour, with value increasing exponentially the more vivid the shade of pink. Also of importance is the world renowned brand of the Argyle Diamond Mine which is highly sought after by collectors, diamonds that have certification confirming their Argyle origin will fetch the highest prices. Thirdly, the shape of the diamond will bear some influence, with Round Pink Diamonds considered the most desirable – and therefore the most expensive.

Where do I start?

Having a genuine interest in diamonds is a great place to start when it comes to considering a pink diamond investment. Just like people who invest in fine art, it helps to have an aesthetic appreciation for what you are buying. It is also essential that you have access to comprehensive advice from experts within the industry, who are abreast of the contemporary pink diamond market. As a family, the team at Hope Diamonds have over 35 years specialising in buying and selling pink diamonds. Over these years, they have carved out extensive supply channels and sales networks and established strong relationships within the world diamond buying community. Perhaps more importantly, they know what sells.

What time frame is best for a pink diamond investment?

Whilst it is impossible to predict the future, based on past sales records of pink diamonds – investors need a minimum of five year timeframe.

How do I sell my diamond? 

The liquidity of pink diamonds has vastly improved compared to fifteen years ago, mainly due to internet technology which has dramatically increased their visibility and revolutionised the ease of trading. Ideally investors who are ready to sell should return to the vendor where they originally purchased the diamond from. From this point, there are two options open to the investor – purchase outright or sell on consignment. An experienced Hope Diamonds representative can provide you with a thorough analysis of each option and its benefits, enabling you to choose that which suits your goals best.