Yellow Pear Shape Diamonds – New Arrivals

We have just received three new Yellow Pear Shape Diamonds. We are getting more enquires for both yellow diamonds and Pear shapes so we thought we would cover our bases and Get some Yellow Pear Shapes:

0.90 ct Fancy Intense Yellow

1.02 ct Fancy Intense Yellow

1.02 ct Fancy Vivid Yellow

Yellow Diamonds are always popular and the Pear is emerging as one of the most popular shapes of all. It is a fact that fancy shaped diamonds hold the colour better than the traditional Brilliant Cut Diamonds. This makes the Pear Cut ideal for holding in the strong yellow colour and therefore makes it a more desirable choice for someone looking for an intense coloured yellow diamond. With many customers looking for a unique centre diamond for their engagement this is an excellent choice and one that is timeless and elegant. Trends will come and go but a quality Coloured Diamond will hold its appeal.

Another ideal use for the Pear shape is in a pendant. The natural tear drop shape make it an ideal choice to feature in a pendant either on its own or set with a halo of smaller white diamonds. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of options for the yellow pear shape diamond.