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We have access to a huge inventory of diamonds from around the world including Africa, Russia and Argyle in Western Australia. We can provide as little or as much assistance as you need – if you know exactly what you want go straight to our quotation page. If you need a bit more information and would like to have a chat - leave your contact details and we will give you a call to discuss your needs.

We specialise in sourcing diamonds but we also have a great network of jewelers and are happy to assist you in the making of any piece. We are also happy to provide recommendations for a jeweler in your area through out Australia.

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Latest Announcements

1.5 ct Pink Diamond 16-Feb-2015

Arriving in Perth today is a 1.5 ct Cushion Cut Fancy Pink Diamond. The diamond is all natural and comes with a GIA certificat..

New Engagement Ring Designs 07-Jan-2015

We are adding a whole suite of new Engagement Ring Designs to our collection. Have a look in our jewellery section, each piece..

Princess Cut Diamonds 19-Dec-2014

Just in - 3 x Princess Cut Diamonds 0.50 ct each, all D Colour eye clean and GIA certified each for under $2,000. These ar..

2014 Argyle PInk Tender Diamond 09-Dec-2014

We are very excited to announce that in our Perth show room we have a diamond from the recent 2014 Argyle Pink Tender. It is Lot 1..

Christmas Buying 05-Dec-2014

If a diamond is on your Christmas list this year then let us help you get the biggest bling for your buck. Some diamonds repre..

Gemini Collection 05-Dec-2014

We are really excited to be stocking a new brand of coloured diamond jewellery - The Gemini Collection. For more informa..

New Argyle Pink Diamonds 19-Jun-2014

The following Argyle Pink Diamonds should be arriving in Perth in the next few days: 0.16 ct Princess Cut 4PP GIA &a..

NEW in - Argyle Pink Tender Diamond 06-Jun-2014

We are pleased to announce that we have access to an Argyle Pink Tender Diamond from the 2010 Tender. The diamond is Lot 5. 0...

Sydney Office opening soon! 25-May-2014

We are very excited to announce that we have a Hope Diamonds office opening in Sydney in June 2014. We have had Nicole working for..

Refer a friend and win 01-May-2014

For the month of May we are giving away this 18 ct White gold and diamond set pendant (not including chain). In order to be el..

Argyle Blue Diamond 22-Apr-2014

This is a very special diamond - just arrived with Argyle Certificate. 0.21 ct Pear Shaped Argyle Blue BL3++. It has an a..

Argyle White Round Brillaint Cut Diamonds 04-Apr-2014

Arriving next week we have 24 new White Argyle Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds ranging in sizes from 0.30 ct - 1.01ct and a varie..

New Pink Argyle Certified Diamonds 13-Mar-2014

It's so exciting when we get a new package of pink diamonds. These were picked out at the recent Hong Kong Show and were chose..

Australian Champagne Diamonds 11-Mar-2014

New shipment has just arrived with a great range of new Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Origin Champagne diamonds ranging in sizes ..

New Champagne Diamonds 18-Feb-2014

Just arrived - a whole range of new light champagne diamonds around the C2 - C3 range. There are matching pairs and single diamond..

Coloured Diamonds 10-Feb-2014

After a year of record price increases and record prices at Auction, what aer the chances this will continue in 2014? Pretty h..

3 New 1ct Argyle White Diamonds 09-Jan-2014

Ordered and arriving next week are three new 1 ct White Argyle Diamonds, details as follows: 1.00 ct Round Brill..

Happy New Year 06-Jan-2014

Wishing all our clients a Happy New Year. We are now back in the office after a nice break over the holiday period. Stock leve..

NEW - Argyle pink diamond from 2013 Tender 05-Dec-2013

We have access to an amazing diamond from the 2013 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender. The details are: 0.80 ct Round Brilliant Cu..

Free Delivery and Gift Wrap to Perth & Sydney CBD on all Diamond Stud Earrings 18-Nov-2013

Christmas is coming and we know how busy most people are this time of year, that's why we are offering free delivery and free ..

Just Arrived 2013 Pink Argyle Tender Diamond 29-Oct-2013

We are so excited to announce that we have in our Perth showroom a diamond from this years Argyle Pink Diamond Tender: ..

Small Pink Diamonds 14-Oct-2013

We have a growing range of small pink diamonds which can be used to compliment your larger white centre diamonds. Whether it be fo..

Pink Argyle Diamonds in the News 04-Oct-2013

In the last few days there have been a number of articles featuring Pink Argyle Diamonds in the news. Here are a few stories w..

NEW Blue and Green Diamonds 23-Sep-2013

Just arrived some new extremely rare and very pretty yellowish green, bluish green and Argyle Greyish blue: 0.31 ct ..

Large Cognac Diamonds 2ct plus 13-Sep-2013

It is very rare to come across large Cognac/Champagne Coloured Diamonds and this week we have received 5 new diamonds that are..

Coming soon - Purplish RED diamond 30-Aug-2013

This is very exciting - in conjunction with the upcoming 2013 Argyle diamond tender, Hope Diamonds will soon have available a ..

New 0.34 ct 5PP Argyle Pink Diamond 26-Aug-2013

Just arrived today 3 new diamonds - 2 yellows and a pink. 0.34 ct Round brilliant Cut 5PP Purplish Pink $29,500.00 ..

New 2 ct Cushion Cut Diamond 20-Aug-2013

Just ordered and on its way to Perth is a 2.04 ct Square Cushion Cut Diamond. It Is GIA Certified and F Colour and SI1 Clarity..

New Engagement Rings 10-Aug-2013

At Hope Diamonds we make a most of our Engagement Rings to order so you can get exactly what you want. You select your diamond..

Argyle White Diamonds just arrived 30-Jul-2013

We have recently had a small shipment of White Argyle White Diamonds arrived. All of these diamonds are Laser Inscribed with a..

Cushion Cuts Increase in Popularity 03-Jul-2013

Recently we have noticed an increase in demand for Cushion Cut Diamonds both in White and in the Fancy Colours also. It was th..

New Pink Diamonds inc 0.51 ct Cushion Fancy Intense Pink 27-Jun-2013

We have just acquired some more pink diamonds, which is great timing as the demand is increasing and they are selling quite qu..

1 ct Yellow Diamonds at prices to clear 18-Jun-2013

We have a small range of 1 ct and larger Fancy Intense yellow diamond in various shapes including cushion, pear and heart. All..

Platinum - more affordable than ever 14-Jun-2013

If you are getting a quote on a piece of jewellery in 18 ct White Gold, it is worth asking the question to have the quote in p..

Fall in Dollar = Upcoming Price Increase 28-May-2013

The strengthening of the US dollar against the Australian dollar means an automatic increase in diamond prices. We purchase diamon..

Argyle Tender 2013 21-May-2013

Details have just been released about the diamonds included in this years Argyle Tender. It is exciting to see that 3 red diam..

New Pink Diamond 07-May-2013

We have just acquired a 0.45 ct Oval Cut 3P Pink Argyle Diamond with both Argyle and GIA Certificates. The diamond is..

Mothers Day Special Delivery for Perth clients 02-May-2013

We know how busy you are but now that is no excuse to forget your Mum this Mothers day. If you put in an order before Wednesda..

3.06 Yellow Cushion cut Diamond 15-Apr-2013

We have available for viewing and purchase a 3.06 ct Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond. The diamond is GIA Certified an..

Cushion Cut Yellow Diamonds 26-Mar-2013

New in stock are 5 new Cushion Cut GIA Certified Fancy Yellow and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds: 1.33 ct Fancy Yello..

Extremely Rare Blue-Green Diamond Just Arrived 18-Mar-2013

Just in today is an extremely rare 0.64 ct Natural Famcy Intense Blue-Green Cushion Cut Diamond. It is GIA certified and is a ..

Perfect Diamond up for Auction 16-Mar-2013

http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/world/christies-to-auction-perfect-diamond/story-e6frfkui-1226596842349 (http://www...

New Stock - Stunning Yellow Diamonds 14-Mar-2013

In stock now - 7 new Fancy and Fancy Intense Yellow Diamonds ranging in size from 1.33 cts - 2.29 cts, Cushion and ..

White Princess Cut Diamonds NEW in stock 21-Feb-2013

New in today are 5 Princess Cut White Diamonds. These fill a gap due to strong sales in Princess Cut diamonds: 0.77 ct G ..

New Australian Champagne and Cognac Diamonds 19-Feb-2013

We have just received a new shipment of 42 new cognac and champagne round brilliant cut diamonds ranging in size from 0.45 ct to o..

Prices Down on Diamond Stud Earrings 15-Feb-2013

We have repriced our white Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings. We have introduced three levels of quality, all using well cu..

New Stock - Argyle White Diamonds 17-Jan-2013

Just arrived today, 7 new White Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Diamonds: 1.58 ct Round Brilliant Cut I Colour SI1 Clarity $11..

Argyle Pink Tender Diamonds 11-Feb-2013

Just in - 2 new Pink Diamonds from the 2012 Argyle Tender (http://www.argylepinkdiamonds.com.au/en/docs/RioTintoLaunches2012Pi..

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