At Hope Diamonds we love diamonds – they are our passion. We deal in diamonds of all shapes and sizes but we specialise in the rare and unique coloured diamonds. Being located in Western Australia we are very excited to be a supplier of diamonds from the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine including  –  Pink diamonds as well as Champagnes, Blues, Reds from the same mine. We also have great access to Ellendale Yellows and some stunning Orange and Green Diamonds from West Africa.

Hope Diamonds was founded in 2006 by Julie Reany, after discovering a gap in the Perth market for a down to earth, honest diamond buying experience. There seem to be so many rules of what you can and can’t do with some of the jewellers around town. We just want to help people make their dream piece of jewellery a reality. With over 25 years of family experience in the diamond industry we do things a little differently to most and we try to say yes more often.

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