Argyle Origin


Quality Australian Argyle Diamonds

Hope Diamonds is one of Australia’s only diamond shops to offer such an extensive collection of Argyle diamonds. Argyle diamonds come from a specific Argyle mine in Western Australia. Thanks to our location in Perth, our team is fortunate enough to source our own collection of premium Argyle diamonds.

When you want a beautiful and unique diamond on its own or set in a special piece of jewellery, there’s no going past these extraordinary stones. Due to their composition and geography, Argyle diamonds are rare and elusive, with the Argyle pink diamonds being the rarest of them all. When you gaze upon a perfect Argyle diamond, you can help but appreciate their unique quality and shine.

What Makes Argyle Diamonds Special?

The Argyle mine in Western Australia supplies over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. However, only one in every two and a half million tons of ore processed results in a pink diamond. This makes them extremely rare and sought after.

Argyle diamonds have a unique composition due to the existence of volcanic pipes made of olivine lamproite. When the volcano erupts, it releases minerals like zeolite, micas, kaolinite, and clays, which impact the formation of the Argyle diamond.

Argyle Diamonds Colours

The varying colour of Argyle diamonds is attributed to structural impurities of the crystal lattice. Not every Argyle diamond is the same shade of pink. In fact, most are a very light pink. Hope Diamonds offers Argyle diamonds in a variety of shades: pink champagne, pink rose, and purple/pink.

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