White Diamonds 

Genuine White Diamonds in Australia

Timeless, sophisticated and forever mesmerising, white diamonds are the most loved mineral in the world. Hope Diamonds are proud to offer highly prized, ethically sourced white diamonds to Australians, whether as a collectable, an investment or to set in a magnificent piece of jewellery. We offer a wide range of white diamonds ranging from the purest, rarest and most valuable colourless white diamonds to those with tints of yellow.

What is a White Diamond?

White diamonds are made of a single element, carbon, and are 58 times harder than any other naturally occurring material. Most diamonds are primeval, meaning they are often over a billion years old. These exquisite stones form deep within the earth under extreme pressure and heat. White diamonds have an opalescence quality, brilliance and purity to them that radiates sophistication and beauty.

When light passes through a white diamond, sub-microscopic inclusions scatter light and give it a milky appearance. When you view the diamond face up, you can see flashes of colour. This unique quality makes white diamonds a highly desirable stone for an engagement ring or for an elegant bracelet or earring set. Diamonds have been prized throughout history as a precious gem and used in jewellery across many of the world’s cultures.

Diamond Grading

White diamonds are graded according to the 4 C’s – clarity, colour, cut and carat weight.

  • Clarity – Based on the number, size, position and type of inclusion visible under 10x magnification. Grading ranges from LC (loupe clear and flawless) to VVS1-2 (very very slightly included), SI1-2 (slightly included) and P1-2 (visibly included).
  • Colour – This follows an alphabetical scale and ranges from D (colourless and the most valuable) to Z (dark yellow, brown or gray and least expensive).
  • Cut – The way a diamond is cut affects its brilliance, scintillation and fire. There are many shapes available such as emerald, cushion and marquise cuts but the most popular is the round brilliant cut.
  • Carat – The unit measurement for the weight of the diamond and its size. 1 carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams.

The 4 C’s are used to value and categorise diamonds according to their rarity, allowing you to select one that suits your budget and intended use. However, even visibly included white diamonds with tinges of colour are incredibly beautiful.

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