Cut series: Oval cut

For the last few years, Oval Cut Diamonds have definitely been the most requested when it comes to bespoke diamond engagement rings. There are many reasons why an Oval Shaped Diamond makes a great choice, not limited to the fact that the elongated shape gives any design an elegant look.

So why should you choose an Oval Shaped Diamond?

They face up bigger than more traditional shapes. Because the oval diamond has a larger surface area than a round diamond of equal carat weight, it can appear larger to the eye. Now while bigger is not always best, when it comes to diamonds looking bigger without losing any sparkle is a big tick.

They are more affordable than a round brilliant cut diamond of the same size and specifications. There are two main reasons for this, the first being demand is higher for the round therefore pushing up the price. More importantly though is the fact that when you cut a round diamond there is more rough wastage than when you cut an oval cut.

The shape is symmetrical and elongated and lends itself to many design ideas including solitaire, three stone, halo – the options are limited only by your creativity.

Things to consider when choosing an oval?

The length to width ratio is important. There is a little bit of personal choice involved here but ideally you are looking for a diamond with a length to width ration between 1.35 – 1.50. Some may like them a little longer and thinner or maybe shorter and fatter, both options can be accommodated.

The bow tie effect, according to GIA, is a dark bow-shaped pattern across the table of the diamond. If the diamond is cut well, the bow tie will be minimal. This picture from the GIA website depicts where you would expect to see the bow tie effect on the table of the diamond. When choosing an Oval Cut diamond, we always make sure we view the diamond online in a video so we can see how the light catches in the facets so we can be sure it does not have an obvious bow tie effect.

So there are many good reasons to buy an Oval Cut for your bespoke piece of jewellery. While we have been discussing Oval Cut White Diamonds, don’t forget the coloured options – yellow and Champagne Diamonds or coloured gemstone – aquamarine, spinel, emerald or sapphire? All are stunning in the Oval Cut.

We have a small range of Oval Cut Diamonds in stock at all times and are always happy to search for the perfect stone for you to fit your budget, carat weight, colour and clarity requirements. For more information or if you would like to book a time to come in to view and chat about Oval Cut diamonds or coloured stones click here.

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