Your guide to buying a loose diamond or gemstone online.

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Whether you are a collector of bright shiny things or you are looking for a forever centre piece for a family heirloom, is it safe to buy a loose diamond or gemstone online, sight unseen? We strongly believe it is, if you take note of the guidelines below:

Information about the diamond or gemstone  

The more the better! When buying a diamond for example, it is important to have all the details of the cut, clarity, colour and carat weight as well as a copy of the grading certificate for every diamond over 0.30 cts clearly available. For mined white diamonds, my preference is always a GIA Certificate and for coloured diamonds, GIA or an Origin Certificate is always a good idea. With Lab Grown Diamonds, GIA or IGI are the most common grading certificates. It’s also important that it is VERY CLEAR whether it is a lab grown or mined diamond as the difference in price and long term can be significant.

For gemstones it is important to have it clearly stated the colour, carat weight and also the treatments, if any. With gemstones, treatments aren’t necessarily a bad thing but the transparency and availability of honest information is important. Origin is also a really nice thing to know and although not always possible, it does help add legitimacy if the origin can be traced. With gemstones, again it is important to know if they are natural or synthetic.

Pictures and photos

It is vital to have actual photos of the diamond or gemstone on the website to view before you purchase, or that the seller is happy to provide on request. This is especially the case for coloured diamonds and coloured gemstones. Videos are also good, to be able to view the stone in motion and in different lights if possible – I think it is reasonable to request a video of the diamond or gemstone prior to purchase. This leads into the next big one…

Customer service

Are you dealing with a real person and are they able to provide all the information you need to feel confident with the purchase? Maybe a video in natural light, especially for a gemstone which can change colour shades in differing lights. Are you getting reasonably quick responses to your enquiries and consistent information? Also knowing the business has a shopfront or bricks and mortar store can give you some added confidence.


Now, just because something is for sale online, doesn’t automatically mean it will be super cheap. If it is looks too good to be true price wise, it probably is. A normally $5,000 gemstone will never become $100. Beware these kinds of deals.

Terms and conditions

Read the fine print. Does the company offer a money back guarantee if the stone does not meet expectations? I believe if you have not seen the stone prior to purchase, this is a no brainer – providing you return in the same condition and in a reasonable agreed on time period.

So there you have it – it may seem overwhelming but if you do a little research into what you are after and then find a business that gives you confidence and peace of mind, buying diamonds and gemstones can be a rewarding experience. Feel free to look through our catalogue of loose coloured and white diamonds, all available for purchase or fill out the form on our Source a Stone page if you are after something different!

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