love stories: Matthew and Jodie

Tell us about the proposal!

It was a huge surprise. We were heading down south for our birthdays (we are 10 days apart) and Matt had said to dress up (and do my nails) as he had planned a special lunch. He took me down to Eagle Bay to a little beach where he had arranged a picnic. He sat me in the picnic tent while he secretly went and spoke to a photographer he had also arranged to capture the moment in the distance. Just as he got me out of the tent to lead me further down the beach to pop the question, it started raining. We stood at a prearranged spot, marked by a heart in the sand where he asked the big question.

How did you choose your engagement ring?

My sister in law and I went shopping together for the ring after Matthew told me he would like help in picking the perfect ring, I started off looking at a completely different style and wasn’t feeling any of them! I tried on a ring similar and got the tingles! We knew straight away this was my style and spent the rest of the day trying similar rings on at different jewellers.

Why did you choose Hope Diamonds?

I chose a ring at another store and showed Matthew who wasn’t sold on it – he wanted it to be more personalised and a more elegant design and had been recommended Hope Diamonds by a friend. We showed Julie two variations of the ring and pointed out the features we liked and didn’t like. Once Julie had the ring made, Matthew arranged an appointment to personally select the diamond used!

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