The Awe of Australian Origin Diamonds

We love a sunburnt country and as it turns out, we love its diamonds, too. It’s not surprising that the rugged beauty of Australia’s landscape would translate to the precious commodities housed beneath it, but what is surprising is the enduring value these stones seem to hold.

With the gradual shift in consumer preference towards ethically-produced goods, it was only a matter of time before ‘supporting local’ extended to the jewellery we wear. It’s clear now that the days of not knowing where something comes from are over, and for a large cohort of Australian consumers, there’s something to be said about the emotional connection to Australian geology and history.

Let’s take a deep dive into what makes Australian Origin diamonds so special.

Unveiling The Origins Of Australian Diamonds

If Australia is the lucky country, then Western Australia certainly enjoyed its majority share with the 1983 opening of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley. Producing more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds, Argyle put Australia (and Western Australia in particular) on the map for this luxury export. But what it also did was establish an appreciation for the homegrown that would last well beyond the mine’s closure in late 2020.

Thinking back to my 2019 trip to the Argyle mine, I’m reminded of the sheer awe of seeing the colours of the landscape from an aerial view. It was incredibly humbling to witness the visual power of the Kimberley and I think it’s an unspoken reason that Western Australian diamonds have maintained their popularity well after production ceased.

When we talk about Australian diamonds, there are several colours to consider. The obvious place to start is with the prettiest of them all: the Australian Pink Diamond.

Australian Pink Diamonds: The Hidden Gems of the Argyle Diamond Mine

We can’t talk about Australian Origin diamonds without first acknowledging the impact that Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine have had on our cultural appreciation of Australia’s precious stones.

This appreciation was intensely highlighted between 1984 and 2021 with the Annual Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, a showcase of the best pinks, reds, blues and violets that the mine had to offer. Those in the know waited excitedly each year to see these stunning rarities, while those with deep pockets not swayed by the price of Australian diamonds sought out the highly coveted 1P and 1PPs (the most intense grade of Pink and Purplish Pink) that they could get their hands on.

Australian Pink Diamonds had a brief moment of relative universality before scarcity and the 2020 closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine saw them appreciate like a suburban family home in the early 2000s. Rising above what the average Australian would or could spend on a diamond, sights shifted from the coveted (but near unreachable) 1PP to the lighter, more accessible Australian Pinks.

Why Certification Matters for Australian Pink Diamonds

The highest grades of Australian Pinks always came with Rio Tinto Argyle Certification, but it wasn’t always the case for smaller, lower intensity diamonds.

Recognising the importance of certificates of origin, Argyle expanded their original certification of pink diamonds over 0.15ct to the 0.08ct – 0.14ct range in 2017. This certification then extended from the more intense colour grades to the lighter end of the scale, and we started seeing Argyle Certificates for Australian Pinks in the 8P/PP, 9P/PP and even PC (Pink Champagne) grades. 

Hope Diamonds is fortunate enough to stock both Argyle Certified Pinks and Diamonds of Australia Certified Pinks (i.e. those with Argyle Lot Numbers that we guarantee as Australian Origin). This opens accessibility to these natural wonders to all budgets and briefs; a pink for every person, if you will.

To find your perfect Pink Diamond, search the Hope Diamonds Pinks collection or make an enquiry.

Yellows, Whites and All Things Bright

The coloured diamond for the eternal optimist, Australian Yellows are the perfect reflection of our sun-soaked land. Increasingly hard to come by, Australian Yellows from the now-closed Argyle and Ellendale Diamond mines enjoyed an appreciation in value similar (but not to the same degree) as Australian Pinks. 

Argyle Whites seemed to dominate the engagement ring market for a time, swiftly being snapped up by those wishing to eternalise the land on which they proposed. Trying to find an Argyle Yellow or White these days is a needle/haystack situation, but we do love a challenge.

If you’ve got your heart set on a bright Australian Yellow or White, get in touch with Hope Diamonds to Source a Stone and we’ll start searching through the hay.

The Case for Champagnes and Cognacs

Unsavourily called brown diamonds in the US, we Australians felt the need to classify our precious chocolate stones in a language we understand. Naturally, we opted for wine and spirits comparisons, and Champagnes and Cognacs were added to our diamond colour grade lexicon.

The unsung heroes of Australian Origin diamonds, Champagnes and Cognacs are finally having their moment in the sun. A reasonably priced alternative to the Pink, Australian Champagne diamonds are rising as the cult classic choice of the discerning jewellery lover.

From the light C1 to the deep, earthy hue of the C8, the beauty of Champagnes and Cognacs is more subject to the eye of their potential beholders than any other Australian Origin diamond. In my view, that’s what makes them so unique and meaningful; when you choose an Australian Champagne or Cognac, your own personal colour preference is the top priority.

We stock an impressive variety of Australian Champagnes and Cognacs in different shapes, sizes and colour grades. For a snapshot of what’s available, browse the Hope Diamonds our Champagne collection. or send an enquiry and we can source a hue that speaks to you.

Homegrown and Ready-Made: Our Australian Origin Collection

There are many variables to consider when choosing an Australian Champagne or Cognac diamond, and that’s all before deciding on a setting for the piece of jewellery. Overwhelm can settle in and indecision can easily render the hopeful buyer inert. So, we decided to make it easy to see how different shapes and colours of Champagnes and Cognacs look in finished jewellery. 

With our Australian Origin Collection, we provide a snapshot of what’s possible for Australian Champagne or Cognac diamonds. Hopeful buyers can either purchase straight from our website or request to view the pieces in person as, when it comes to coloured diamonds and gemstones, lighting is everything.

Champagne diamonds have a warmth and shimmer that hits differently and while they look fantastic in all settings, there’s something about their combination with yellow gold that just sings. To see what I mean, take a look at our ready-made Australian Origin Collection.

Colour me curious

Hopefully by now, I’ve somewhat demystified Australian Origin diamonds and ignited a fire in those yearning for a piece of Australia to carry around with them. Australian diamonds are truly something to behold and whether it’s their history, their impressive variety of colours or their unique ability to inspire something in their owner, I’m of the opinion that if you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on one, you should.

We would love to take you on your Australian diamond journey, however long or short it may be. If you’re looking for something bespoke or for something now, there’s an appointment for that. Book yours today.

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