A quick look at tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are having a moment right now. The simple but elegant and infinitely wearable accessory has seen rises in popularity through the years and is not necessarily the budget breaker you might think – although there’s plenty of options for those with deep pockets!

A tennis bracelet is a continuous line of equal sized diamonds set in individual links that encircles the wrist. The individual settings give the bracelet flexibility but also hold the diamonds close together, usually with very little visible metal between. They are usually single row but can be two, three or four rows for a real showstopper.

Tennis bracelets have been around for decades. They were originally called eternity bracelets and were regularly worn in the 1920’s with the fanciest dresses for elaborate parties. However, they were rebranded in 1978 thanks to tennis pro Chris Evert. Chris wore an in-line diamond bracelet during a match and when the clasp broke and the bracelet fell off her wrist, she requested that play be suspended until it had been found. Since then, they have been renamed as tennis bracelets and are still worn by many pros during matches to this day. Originally reserved for only the best and most formal occasions, this incident saw it evolve into a more everyday luxury item, one that’s simple and secure design meant it could add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Like any other piece of jewellery, tennis bracelets are available to suit a range of styles and budgets. White gold has traditionally been the most common metal as it can give the illusion of the diamonds floating on the wearer’s wrist but the warmer tones of yellow and rose gold are growing in popularity. There are also choices available in the diamond size and settings. Again, claw setting has generally been the most popular but bezel set can give a modern look, while cluster or illusion setting can make very small diamonds look larger if budget is a factor. Some designs even feature gemstones other than diamonds. So there really is something for everyone!

We have a small range in store but can easily have something made up if we don’t have quite what you are looking for. See our range here or get in touch to make a start on a bespoke piece.

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