Your guide to buying a loose diamond or gemstone online.

loose argyle champagne diamonds

Whether you are a collector of bright shiny things or you are looking for a forever centre piece for a family heirloom, is it safe to buy a loose diamond or gemstone online, sight unseen? We strongly believe it is, if you take note of these guidelines:

How to Find the Perfect Bespoke Engagement Ring in Australia

So you’re thinking about proposing to that person who makes your heart skip a beat and pushes your buttons like no one else. You’re searching for an engagement ring that pays respect to your intended’s unique personal attributes but somehow also captures the intricacies of your journey to this point in your relationship.  Choosing the […]

diamond shapes through the decades.

Diamonds have for years been the go-to gemstone for engagement rings in Australia. While designs have changed over the decades, so too have the choice of shape for the main stone. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the most sought-after diamond shapes in Australia, decade by decade.

Diamond set bands

Today we’re looking at diamond set bands! For either wedding/eternity bands or your engagement ring, read on for 3 things to consider when deciding on your piece.

A quick look at tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are having a moment right now. The simple but elegant and infinitely wearable accessory has seen rises in popularity through the years and is not necessarily the budget breaker you might think – although there’s plenty of options for those with deep pockets!

Personalising jewellery

We often get asked how to make a piece of jewellery a bit more unique or personalised. Let’s have a look a few ways to make jewellery more meaningful and personal.

Platinum vs White Gold

At Hope Diamonds we work with a few different types of metal in our jewellery, each one with its own pros and cons. When it comes to choosing which metal will work best for you, there are a few things consider.

Wedding bands

Wedding Season is just around the corner…

A wedding ring is a symbol that’s both private and public. It’s a sign of a decision made between you and your partner, and it also signifies to the rest of the world that you’re in a committed relationship.

Lab grown vs mined

The rise of labgrown diamonds in the marketplace over the last 5 years has been quite rapid and to me quite surprising. Having had family in the diamond business for over 25 years I was a bit of a purist and couldn’t quite get my head around the lab grown phenomenon. Over time however, I have come to appreciate that lab grown diamonds have a place in the market.

Parti Sapphire – the “it” gem of 2022

Australian Parti Sapphires are SO popular right now in Australia and throughout the world. Once again, as with our Argyle Pink Diamonds, Australia has managed to produce a unique and special gem.

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