diamond shapes through the decades.

Diamonds have for years been the go-to gemstone for engagement rings in Australia. While designs have changed over the decades, so too have the choice of shape for the main stone. Join us on a journey through time as we explore the most sought-after diamond shapes in Australia, decade by decade.

1950s – Round Brilliant Cut: The 1950s witnessed a post-war boom and a renewed focus on elegance and sophistication. During this era, the round brilliant diamond reigned supreme. With its symmetrical shape, excellent light reflection, and timeless appeal, the round diamond captured the hearts of Australians, symbolizing classic beauty and everlasting love.

1960s – Princess Cut: As the swinging sixties swept the globe, Australia embraced a sense of experimentation and boldness. In the realm of diamonds, the princess cut emerged as a new and exciting choice. With its square or rectangular shape and brilliant facets, the princess cut captured the essence of modernity and individuality.

1970s Emerald and Asscher Cuts: The 1970s embraced a love for all things glamorous and extravagant. During this decade, Australia witnessed a resurgence in popularity for vintage-inspired diamond shapes, particularly the emerald and Asscher cuts. Both cuts feature step-cut facets that create a mesmerizing play of light, evoking a sense of old-world charm and sophistication.

left to right: 1950’s Round Brilliant Cut, 1960’s Princess Cut, 1970’s Emerald Cut, 1970’s Asscher Cut

1980s  Marquise and Pear Cuts: The 1980s marked an era of excess, opulence, and questionable fashion choices. Diamond shapes like the marquise and pear cuts were highly sought after during this decade. The elongated and tapered designs of these shapes exuded drama and luxury, reflecting the bold and audacious spirit of the era.

1990s Oval and Heart Cuts: The 1990s embraced a return to romanticism and a celebration of individuality. Oval and heart-shaped diamonds gained popularity during this decade. The oval shape, with its elongated silhouette and brilliant sparkle, became a symbol of grace and elegance. Meanwhile, the heart-shaped diamond captured the imaginations of those who sought to express their love in a distinctive and sentimental way.

left to right: 1980’s Marquise Cut, 1980’s Pear Cut, 1990’s Heart Cut

2000s Cushion and Radiant Cuts: Entering the new millennium, Australians sought a balance between tradition and innovation. The cushion and radiant cuts became highly sought after. The cushion cut, with its soft and rounded corners, exuded a sense of vintage allure and comfort. I remember in particular there was a Tiffany style featuring a Cushion cut that was often requested.

2010s Princess and Cushion Cuts: In the 2010s, we embraced a return to classic designs with a contemporary twist. The princess cut experienced a resurgence in popularity, renowned for its modern and geometric appeal. Additionally, the cushion cut continued to captivate with its versatility and ability to showcase both vintage and contemporary styles.

left to right: 2000’s Tiffany’s Cushion Cut ring, 2000’s Radiant Cut, 2010’s Princess Cut

2020s – Oval Cut – for the last few years Oval Cut diamonds have been the most sought-after shape by a fair way. The elongated design is seen to be elegant and the fact that they face up a good size for the budget goes a long way. We see them mostly set in a simple 4 claw solitaire design but also with a diamond set band or a halo.

So that brings us up to the present. What will the future bring? I think (and hope) more variety. This next generation are looking to be unique which means new shapes will start to emerge like the hexagon and trillion. But don’t expect the Round Brilliant Cut to step aside, I think this classic should and will stand the test of time.

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