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Wedding Season is just around the corner…

A wedding ring is a symbol that’s both private and public. It’s a sign of a decision made between you and your partner, and it also signifies to the rest of the world that you’re in a committed relationship. Your wedding band is a celebration of the vows that you exchange on your wedding day, and your choice to be with your partner from that day forward. While your engagement ring symbolises the promise of marriage, it’s the wedding ring that makes the marriage official.

When I first started out 15 years ago, most brides were choosing to match their wedding band with the engagement ring exactly – so same band whether it be plain or diamond set. These days we still get plenty of brides choosing to match but we also are seeing more complimentary bands and some quite unexpected. The main take away is there are no rules to follow – we encourage brides to choose what works for them.


  1. Curved or straight? Do you want a band that curves around your main setting or would you prefer a straight band that is also more practical when and if you wear the band on it’s own?
  2. Metal? If you have chosen a platinum engagement ring, we would highly recommend you also choose a platinum wedding band. Platinum is such a hard metal and if it sits next to gold, it will wear away over time.
  3. Diamond set or plain? Most people choose a wedding band that sits well with the engagement ring so as not to overpower it. The best way to decide what you like is to try some designs on with the engagement ring to see what you prefer.
  4. Add some colour – we have done a few recently that have been amazing.
  5. Personalise your wedding bands. This can be done with a simple engraved message, date or initials or you can include some hidden detail like a gemstone symbolising a birthstone. Lots of ways to make the band uniquely yours.
  6. Timing – we can always work with tight timeframes but just to make everything easy its good idea to give yourself at least 8 weeks to get your wedding bands sorted. If you are getting married in the New Year you can push that out to 12 weeks.

We can do it all – straight or curved, diamond set or solid, platinum or gold. I love seeing the ideas that people have today for their wedding bands. If you are ready to get the ball rolling on your wedding bands book a time today for a chat here.

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