Personalising jewellery

We often get asked how to make a piece of jewellery a bit more unique or personalised. Let’s have a look a few ways to make jewellery more meaningful and personal.


This is an easy way to personalise your jewellery. The options here are almost endless but some ideas for an Engagement Ring would be both couples initials or names, a symbol such as a an infinity or a love heart. For wedding bands we often will do initials and dates (no excuse for your partner to forget your anniversary!). We have also done engraving on bangles on the inside and the outside. We made 12 bangles all with the same engraving for the 30th Anniversary of a high school graduation. Each bangle had the year they graduated engraved in Roman Numerals around the outside. Anything that is meaningful to you we can engrave on your piece.

Adding in a birthstone or favourite coloured stone

This can be incorporated to any piece of jewellery, whether it be a ring, pendant, bracelet or earrings. We have recently placed two birthstones on the inside of an engagement ring and set a random pink sapphire in a diamond circle pendant for a client who loved pink.

Using stones from handed down jewellery

This will certainly make it unique and meaningful. We are seeing more remodels than ever before with precious and well loved gemstones being made into new, modern and treasured heirloom pieces. We are currently creating a wedding band where we are capturing a small section of engraved detail from a grandfathers wedding band to incorporate into the grandsons wedding band. We will also use the same gold so it really will be very personal.

With the majority of our jewellery sales being bespoke pieces it allows for the chance for each client to add their own personal touch and usually it costs very little extra to do so. If you would like to make a time to discuss your unique piece, book an appointment today.

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